Thursday, August 25, 2011

How DO YOU do it? A Plea for Tips, Tricks and Ideas

It's that time of year again.
School is back in session and so are all the after school practices,
football games (they start this Friday night),
homework time,
LOTS of routine.
So many things to keep track of, get scheduled, etc.

So, I bought a BIG dry erase, one-month calendar page
that will stick to the fridge.
The spaces are large enough to write in everything we have to do,
everywhere we have to be.
I hope.

Anyway, I'm working on getting that filled in 
and I'm also getting back to my meal planning 
and putting to good use my meal strategies 
that make my life a little easier.
I always try to keep 1 lb. pkgs. of browned, crumbled 
ground beef in the freezer for quick meal fixes,
and the same with Italian sausage.  
It makes it so easy to whip up a fast dinner.
But right now I need to stock up on...
well, pretty much

So, all you busy moms out there,
share your secrets with me!
What is it that you do to keep it all 
running smoothly during those busy times?

Also, I have another issue I'm attempting to tackle.
Tucker has always carried a lunch from home
more often than he's eaten hot lunch at school.
Between his food allergies, texture issues 
and just plain and simple picky-ness, 
it's always been easier to assure that he had enough to eat
by packing his lunch.
Some days I just wanna say:
But now, with dietary guidelines being enforced,
school lunches have gotten so bad that even Perri
is packed most of the time.  
Let me tell you,
if Perri won't eat's pretty bad.

So I'm packing a LOT of lunches these days 
and I'm really sick of packing the same ol' things.

This is me most days:
 See the confusion?
Is there anything unusual that you pack for your kids?
Any ideas you'd be willing to share?
Breakfast ideas are most welcome, too,
I'm currently on the lookout for recipes for nutritious 
but tasty muffins, breakfast bars, and any dishes
that could be made ahead of time to serve them before they
leave for school.  If they can hold it in their hands and eat it on the run,
so much the better!  Some of our mornings are rushed.
But we also have mornings where there is time to sit down
and eat a good breakfast before we leave the house.

If you've previously posted this sort of thing on your blog,
just leave me a link in the comments! 
If not but you're interested in hearing about the ideas 
I receive from others, let me know.
I think it would be great if we'd all band together
and share what works for us when it comes to 
streamlining our busy mornings
and keeping our kids healthy and well fed.  : )