Monday, March 5, 2012

Remember when...

There is nothing like helping your daughter get ready for a high school dance.  
Sure does bring back all those sweet memories of the dances you attended.  

Picking out just the right dress and fussing with the hair and makeup.

And accessories. 
 Can't forget the accessories. 
The perfect earrings, the ideal necklace. 

And when it all comes together, you definitely feel like a princess.  
(Perri and two of her friends ALL looked like princesses!)

Especially when your Perry the Platypus slippers match your dress so very well.  : )

Hammin' it up with her date.

And all the couples ready to walk out the door.
Thanks to Tori (in the red dress...Perri's bestie) and Tish (Tori's mom) 
for having us all to their house to enjoy the primping
and fussing and especially the 
fun and giggles!