Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laundry Room Nirvana: The Transformation, Part 1

Nirvana: a place or state characterized by freedom from
or oblivion to pain, worry, and the external world
A happy place.

It all started when the washing machine died.
It was a slow and somewhat painful death. (Not painful for the washer...but for us. Have you priced those things lately?) The silly thing was only 4 years old. Our dryer, however, was 12 years old and we decided to replace them both. This allowed us to get a more energy efficient dryer, too. Ours was taking a very long time to dry a load.

And so, as Laundry Mountain continued to grow, the shopping began. Online, in person, you name it. We took in as much information as we could stand and read reviews until our eyes crossed. We discovered that while the outside dimensions of washers have remained pretty much the same, dryers have grown a bit. Not a problem for most, but the extra 1 1/2" that the new dryer would stick out from the back wall would mean that we would be unable to swing open the laundry room door.

Yeah. How's that for a pain in the patoot?

Since we weren't terribly surprised by this turn of events (because nothing is ever simple around here!) we opted to remove the trim, grab a hacksaw, cut out the door frame and turn the entire thing around so it would swing out into the hallway instead. Now the doggone dryer will fit! : ) And then we brought the shopping madness to an end by making the somewhat unorthodox choice to purchase a Maytag washing machine and a Whirlpool dryer.

Peculiar, I know, but according to our research these were our best possibilities for achieving true Laundry Room Nirvana (hereafter referred to as LRN.) I spend a LOT of time in the laundry room. It isn't asking too much to make it a pleasant experience. Right?

***Still, Laundry Mountain continued to grow.***

Now the next part of the story. Since we were replacing both appliances and the room would be temporarily emptied, I wanted to scrub and paint. Goodness only knows it needed it.

1 teeny, tiny room with white walls + a washer + a dryer + app. 20 loads/week = A DREARY MESS OF A LAUNDRY ROOM

But that's not really the end of it. (You knew that already...right?) I had decided long ago that the vinyl coated wire shelving we had installed in all the closets and the pantry when we built the house were not shining examples of our best judgment.

Actually, I've learned to despise the stuff.

Therefore the next step to achieving LRN was to be rid of the shelf over the washer and dryer. I wanted a couple of cabinets instead. : )

Now...too much to ask? Hmmmmm.......nah! ; )

The Hubster agreed and off to Lowe's (the one about an hour south of us) we went. (Here is where the story gets a little more...ummm...complicated? Yes, that's the word. Complicated. UGH.)

Got to Lowe's, ordered the washer and dryer, got the paint mixed (It's called 'sunglow'....ahhhhh! A sweet, happy yellow!) and went to the storage department to get the cabinets I had chosen.

*Where'd they go??? *

That Lowe's doesn't carry those cabinets! Sorry. Try the Nitro store.

We drove to Nitro. Not only did they not have the cabinets in stock, NO ONE EVEN WANTED TO WAIT ON US. Our first ever negative Lowe's experience. :( The dude who finally did decide he'd honor us with his time flat out lied and said "Uhhh, I think they're discontinuing those anyway. We won't be getting any more of them."

The dude was seriously endangering my LRN. I was not happy.

***And Laundry Mountain continued to grow.***

We came home. The Hubster had to empty the laundry room of everything while he had our son-in-law here to help with the heavy lifting and I had to run the kids all over creation for a 4H meeting and a birthday party. Then I jumped in the car and ran to a Lowe's store an hour north of us to pick up the cabinets. (AFTER we called ahead to make sure they had them and that they were holding them for us. Whew!) Drove home again and started the prep work for painting. The washer and dryer were to be delivered on Tuesday and that left me one day to get 'er done. EGAD!!!

Spent Monday taping and painting. Walls AND ceiling needed it.

Did I ever mention how much I detest painting ceilings? I do. Really, really do.

Then the Hubster got home from work and we hung the cabinets and installed the doors. I know that to some of you that sounds like a nightmare on earth, but we actually work pretty well together. : ) We both enjoy those kinds of projects and it went pretty smoothly, I might add.

And so........

Voila!!! We were READY!!! The delivery was scheduled for 8:30ish the next morning and then...THEN I could scale Laundry Mountain, replenishing my family's supply of clean clothes and conquering my fear of heights all in one fell swoop! YAY!!!

And that, my dears, is Part 1 of this story. Part 2, with yet another crazy twist that shouldn't have but did stun me just a little, will be posted soon. And there will be pictures! ; )