Monday, March 28, 2011

Laundry Room Nirvana: The Transformation, Part 2

Picking up where we left off...

The laundry room used to look like this:

(I told you it is a tiny room. Very tiny. No room for any extras or anything fancy. And what a mess! I should be ashamed. But I suppose I'm not. If a messy laundry room was the greatest of my worries, I'd be a lucky girl.)


It is early Tuesday morning. The Lowe's truck pulls into the driveway. I am about to jump out of my skin, I'm so excited! {Yes, I suppose this says a great deal about how little it takes to get me all worked up. The opportunity to wash loads and loads of laundry makes me happy? Really? You betcha!!! ; ) }

The Hubster goes outside to meet the delivery men and brings one inside to show him where they're going. (My laundry room is on the second floor of our home and they needed to be aware that they were going to be lugging those heavy machines up a flight of stairs.) Back outside they go to unload the truck and carry the machines into the house, when the guy looks at The Hubster and says "So you bought a used washer, huh?" Knowing a good joke when he hears one, The Hubster laughs and says "No, didn't buy a used washer!" Then, in all seriousness, the dude looks at him and asks "You didn't?"

That'll sure wipe a smile off your face in a hurry.

Sure enough, they had brought us a used machine. The only one of that model in the whole store, they said, so they were sure it had to be what we bought. It was in the clearance aisle, returned by some customer who: a. changed their mind ~ or~ b. couldn't pay for it ~or~ c. (come up with whatever reason you was returned!) It even came complete with splatters of liquid detergent on the top and sides. Wow.

Well, we ordered AND PAID FOR a NEW machine. Phone calls were made and it was discovered that while our dryer was delivered to the store the previous day, our washer wasn't due for delivery until the following day.

I could hear the groaning of the floorboards upstairs as Laundry Mountain grew some more.

I could also hear the weeping of the new dryer as he sat there, all alone, with nothing to dry. :(

Kind of pitiful, isn't it?

Now, remember how this Lowe's delivers to our area only on Tuesdays? Well, since it was their mistake and they really did feel badly about it, they said that the washer would arrive at the store on Wednesday afternoon and they would deliver it on Thursday.

YAY for good customer service!

YAY for not ticking me off! ; )

They also offered to set up the used washing machine so I could tackle Laundry Mountain but I was not about to make those guys lug that thing up the stairs and then back down again in two days. Laundry Mountain would wait. *groan*


Thursday came and so did my washing machine. The NEW one. : ) And here she sits in all her glory, awaiting the first load of many that will be delivered to her gleaming stainless steel drum with its low profile agitator. Isn't she beautiful? : )

It's extremely difficult for me to get a good pic of this room because of space limitations. When you reach the top of our steps, you must turn right (into the master bedroom) or left (into the hallway that leads to the other upstairs rooms) and if you turn left, the laundry room is immediately on your left. As I took these pics, my back was against the opposite wall of the hallway. There is just no way to get a great shot. :( But I suppose you get the idea. It's a brighter, cleaner, more streamlined look and I like it. I LOVE my new cabinets, too. Everything is out of sight.

And more good news? I was able to scale and conquer Laundry Mountain in an amazingly short period of time! A load of towels (which would have been a load and a half in our other machines) dried in 50 minutes. It would have taken at least an hour and a half in our old dryer. PLUS we've had no problems at all with the washer. In the reviews some folks complained of part of the clothes not getting wet and that because the spin cycle is so efficient and truly does cut drying time, they complained that their clothes were coming out of the dryer terribly wrinkled. Well, I've read the instructions thoroughly and I follow them, plus I shake out each piece of clothing as I take it from the washer. This eliminates that problem. : ) I am beyond thrilled with the efficiency of these machines! I know they're going to save us BIG money on our electric bill.

There may one day be a Part 3 to this story...if I'm ever able to find just exactly what I'm searching for when it comes to a hamper/sorter that will fit in this room, and some little finishing touches I'd like to add. I did some shopping at Home Goods and a couple of other places over the weekend but had no luck.

All in all, I'm extremely pleased with our little transformation. : ) It is a much brighter, cleaner looking room. And if I'm going to continue to spend as much time there as I have in the past...well, the brighter, the better! I need all the happy in there I can get! ; )