Friday, May 11, 2012

I Find That Veddy, Veddy Pinteresting!

 *Said in my veddy best Colonel Klink accent! ; )*

So just how Pinterested are you these days?  I confess.  I'm ADDICTED!  At first I didn't get the appeal.  What's the big deal about sticking all those pictures in one place?  Why would you need to do such a thing?  And why subject myself to yet another online addiction? 

Ummm....yeah.  Well, I went and did it anyway.  And it's GREAT!

For those of you unfamiliar with it (HELLOOOO?  Spending much time under a rock lately?) Pinterest allows you to create boards (think collections) of pictures from all around the Internet and you group them by subject.  For instance, Food.  On your Food board you would pin pics of dishes you'd like to make, pretty desserts, healthy ingredient substitutions, etc.  Whatever it is you find that relates to food, you can pin on  your Food board.  This is being very general and I'll tell you right now you're gonna want to create boards that don't cover such a broad subject.  You're far better off (for organization's sake) to create a board for desserts, one for main dishes, one for casseroles, etc.

Well, if you're silly like me, you pin a couple of pics and then think "Now what?  I don't get it.  They're pictures and they're on MY board and I have no idea what to do with them!"  That's when I realized that I could click on that pic of those yummy looking enchiladas and it would take me to the website where the recipe was listed!  Now doesn't that make so much sense?  Instead of bookmarking a whole lot of pages and knowing full well you'll probably never remember to go through all those bookmarks to find the Christmas recipe or craft idea you discovered while surfing the web back in March, you just look at your Pinterest boards and click on a pic!  Cool, huh?  : )  And a very clever concept.

A few of the things I've pinned?  Well, here's a sampling.  A very small sampling.  ; )

On my board titled Craftiness:

How cute is that?  Buttons, beads and sawed-off silverware. 
A great little pin to give Mom on Mother's Day.

On my board titled Worth Reading:

On this board I've started pinning books I've read recently
(and some not so recently)
along with a little mini book review.
This particular book, BTW...

On my board titled A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?:
Isn't that perfect?
Just how inspired could a girl be in a place like that?
I can only imagine.  : )
Pretty, petite and private...a place to dream.

On my board titled Here's Your Sign:
There are so many of these cute clips
floating around out there in cyberspace!
I adore this one!  : )

And those are just a few of the things I've been pinning.  How about you?  Could I possibly Pinterest you in a new hobby? ; )  Just take a peek at the link below if you'd like to see some of the other things I've been pinning lately.  There are so many great ideas there!  And Pinterest is a terrific way to spread the love. <3