Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall-ing Up the Place

I finally gave in to the urge
 a little over a week ago.  : )
I love fall decor and for me
those colors just never grow old.
This is pretty much the way things 
will be here at my house
until the day after Thanksgiving.

That's when I break out

The fireplace in the family room:

The kitchen:

The foyer is done but I forgot to snap pics in there,
and there are some odds and ends 
in other rooms as well.
I haven't really gotten started outside yet.
I'm hoping to pick up some mums 
before the week is out
and The Hubster needs to bring home
a couple of bales of hay
and perhaps a fodder shock or two.

I may make a scarecrow this year, too.  : )
I just love a friendly scarecrow face,
one that reminds you of the one in
The Wizard of Oz.
He was my favorite.  : )

I'm not really a Halloween kind of girl, 
but I am finding some really cute 
Halloween decor on Pinterest.
I may just have to get a little bit
creative the last week or so of October.

So what have you done to celebrate 
the fact that fall is coming?
Any traditions your family enjoys each year?
Tell me about it!