Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh Baby!

This is muh girl.
 (Well, one of 'em anyway ; ) )
Isn't she pretty?   : )
Her name is Jessica
and I had the privilege of being her stepmom
at one point in time.
Even though we're no longer 
related to each other...
well, there are just some things 
that can't be changed.
I love this girl
and I was thrilled to open my home
to her, her friends and her family
for a baby shower.
Baby Laira will be coming 
before you know it.  : )

The theme of the day was 
*Insert cute owl saying here* 
; )

Here are a few pics from the day's events.

 The owl centerpieces and favors were made by
Jessica's besty, Beth.
She's SO talented!
Or as one friend put it, 
"She's Martha Stewart on crack!"
She also made the gorgeous quilt and those 
adorable booties!

The delicious food was made by
Brie, her aunt and her Mamaw.
And I don't know how exactly,
but I somehow managed to lose the 
pics of the gorgeous cake and cupcakes
Brie made!  :(  
If I can relocate them, I'll post them later.

And take note of the tie dye station 
and all of those bright and beautiful tie dyed Onesies!
Aren't they precious?
And what a cool idea for a shower!

Anyway, it was a day full of 
happiness and laughter,
good friends and good food,
and one thing I know for sure:

With all the adorable clothes she received,
Laira is gonna be one sharp-dressed baby girl!
: )