Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And that's all I'm gonna say about THAT.

It's over.  Thank goodness it is, too.  I'm so very tired of the ugliness that has come with this election.  And guess what.  The rude and condescending comments, the hateful name calling, the derogatory remarks...those things were very bipartisan.  They came rolling off the tongues of people on both sides of the fence.  The most ridiculous part of it all is that none of it changes any political opinions. It only changes your opinion of the person spewing the hatred.  When is the last time that my stance on a subject was changed by rantings and ravings?  Never. 

There are two things I don't typically discuss outside of my comfort zone:  politics and religion.  (And today's post is regarding the former, not the latter.)  Like everyone else, I have my opinions.  But I'm incredibly cautious about expressing those opinions for two reasons.  One is that I do not feel that I am well enough educated on the subject of politics to be able to have the kind of conversation most are looking to have.  Typically most folks are looking for a good argument and I don't argue well.  I'm too emotional.  I do have my beliefs and convictions and if asked, I will sometimes express the right company.  But as a general rule, I avoid those situations as much as possible. 

The second reason is that I've come to discover that much of the time I simply do not want to know.  Thanks to Facebook I now know precisely what many of my friends think about the various topics that were important in this election.  I agree with some of them.  I disagree with others.  I also know that if some of them knew my opinions they would call me the same names they were calling others who were willing to put their thoughts and feelings out there for all the world to see.  Everyone claims their 'side' isn't judging or condemning...but they are.  Friendships have been altered and even lost over these topics.

There is a point to this post.  We have to live with each other, folks.  We need to understand that we aren't all the same and that's not a terrible thing.  If we disagree with something, we need to pray about it and do what we can to make a change without resorting to ugliness.  Think about it.  Those folks from THAT church (which I will not only gives them fuel for their fire) go around defending their beliefs, but they do it in such an ugly and hateful way.  I know that's an extreme case, but I could easily compare it to some of what I've seen on Facebook over the last few weeks.  A point can be made through civilized conversation, particularly when you're dealing with friends. 

I will also say that some of my Facebook friends handled it all very respectfully, offering proof that it CAN be done.  They expressed their opinions and made their stances known without degrading the opposition.  It IS possible to support your candidate or your cause without mention of the opposing viewpoint.  But hey, we all know that's not what politics in America is all about these days.  How sad. 

The one good thing to come of all this is that a passion for our country has been reignited.  That could also end up being a bad thing unless people begin to understand how to use that passion to do good rather than to fan the flames of hatred. 

Now enough of that.  It's time to move on.