Friday, November 16, 2012

Odds and Ends, Bits and Pieces, This and That...

It seems I've been fighting a sinus headache for weeks and it isn't much fun at all.  :(  I've downed so much ibuprofen, acetaminophen and various combinations of those along with decongestants...I can practically hear my kidneys and liver begging for mercy.  I even had to cancel a dental appointment this week because I was feeling that bad.  I refuse to be sick for Thanksgiving this year, so I think I might bring out the big guns this weekend.  (I'm referring to antibiotics, folks. ;) Need to kick this now!) 
Even with the headache, it's been pretty busy. Even with the end of band competition season and football game halftime performances, as well as cheering at the final football game of the season, winter softball practices and indoor games have filled Perri's schedule.  Tucker is hard at work learning (in band class at school) and practicing (a BUNCH at home) on his new percussion set, as well as taking private drum lessons on Tuesdays after school.  Phil is working his usual hours but with the time change, it seems he leaves the house while it's still dark and then it's nearly dark again when he gets home.  I've been doing the usual stuff around the house, driving the Mom Taxi, etc.  PLUS making plans for the coming holidays, but that's the fun part!  : )  Thanksgiving (for which I will NOT be sick this year!) is just around the corner and I'm hosting.  Then comes.........CHRISTMAS!!! 
Yesterday I read to Tucker's fifth grade class.  It was Read to Me Day and I had a terrible time finding something age appropriate that I could read to them in under 30 minutes!  Ended up choosing a short story from a book titled Haunted Teachers.  Incredibly cheesy story, but they loved it!  : ) 


Last night was girls' night out for my daughters, a couple of friends and me.  We went to see the final installment in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2.  I confess to being a little disappointed in some of the special effects.  In this day and age I think it's pretty crazy that the baby is computer generated or whatever it was they did that made her appearance so...peculiar? I guess that's as good a word as any.  But I will also admit to being completely enthralled during the BIG SCENE!  (I will not elaborate further because I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but those of you who have seen it will know what I mean!)  Completely unexpected and it really made the movie!  The entire theater was so into it that there were collective gasps, oohs, aahs and then APPLAUSE!!!  : )  And quite honestly, I'm sort of expecting more.  I can't imagine Stephenie Meyer letting this story die when there are so many possibilities.  


I'd say that's about it for now.  Not much else to report for now but I will try to be back soon with a more captivating post.  Promise.  : )