Friday, August 27, 2010

Guess Where I've Been...

Yes, I went shopping for mums. I'm just in a 'FALL' kind of mood. My friend Stacey over at Bloggin' It Like It Is posted a list of all the fall things she looks forward to each year and she really got me to thinkin' that fall can't get here soon enough! (Thanks a bunch, Stacey! Here I am, wishing my life away! )

But I was a good girl today. I didn't buy even ONE mum. I decided to wait until I have cleaned up the remnants of spent summer blooms and pulled the scraggly weeds that constantly threaten to take over my flower beds. I need to rid the porch of the potted plants that baked in the intense heat of July and early August, and wash away the pollen that has settled on the swing, the rocking chairs and the banister surrounding the porch. In other words, I need to bid summer adieu before I break out the bright and beautiful fall decor. : )

Did I ever mention how much I LOVE FALL????

The chill in the air; hot cider; the smell of woodsmoke; the bright blue skies of October; the gorgeous foliage that paints the hillsides; breaking out the flannel shirts, hoodies and cozy sweaters. Not to mention all the treats that I associate with fall! When the calendar reflects the winding-down of another summer, I never fail to start craving pumpkin pie and apple dumplings. Plus hot, hearty, homemade soups and chili. Those things all go hand in hand with fall around here.

Some people rush the Christmas season, and I love Christmas as much as anyone! But I'm gonna rush fall this year. Even though it technically won't arrive for another three weeks, I am going to start putting out fall decor on September 1st.

Yes, that's next week.

WEDNESDAY of next week, to be precise.

And I have LOTS and LOTS of fall decor! I'm not a Halloween lover, so I don't have a lot of the spooky/witchy/devilish kinds of things, but I DO have scarecrows and hay bales and pumpkins and gourds and....well, you get the idea. : )

So tell me how you celebrate fall. : ) What are your favorite things to see, do, cook, bake, or just enjoy about the autumn season?