Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ain't it GRAND?

It's BIG news to be such a tiny little thing. But it is growing every single day.

Actually, if it's current growth rate were sustained, it would grow a

two feet per year!!!

Luckily for everyone involved, that process does slow. God saw to it when he figured out how all this stuff would work. But for right now it's growing very quickly and the changes are discernible even day to day!

Pretty amazing.

And I must say how much I hate referring to 'it' as an 'it'.

After all, this is my


we're talking about!

Yes, Hayden is going to have a brand new brother or sister
sometime around April 21st.
Brie and Josh are happy as can be and Hayden...
Well, let's just say that when you ask him if he wants a baby, the answer is
(Truth of the matter is, he answers pretty much every question with a NO!)
He'll get used to the idea.

As for me, well all I can say is...