Monday, February 28, 2011

Normal....Where Are You???

What a peculiar day this has been. It's days like this that make me miss my good friend, NORMAL.

We're having strange weather (last day of February...70* at 7:00 a.m.? Wild thunderstorms last night followed up by a tornado watch this morning? Seriously?) Tucker is still sick and home from school, and every single time I try to complete some task I start, I get sidetracked. Like really, really sidetracked.

Okay, so that last one isn't all that peculiar. It's actually pretty NORMAL. But the rest of this day? Nutso, I tell ya.

I want my boy to get better. Pneumonia is hard on anyone but particularly rough on an asthmatic. He's having a tough time regaining his appetite and when he was getting dressed this morning I could count every vertebra, every rib, up and down his skinny little back. :( He's stick thin anyway and I think he's lost about 5 pounds since he first became ill week before last. Right now this guy is his best friend:

He has had Crispy Strips on three different occasions in the last 5 days. It's just about the only thing he thinks he can stomach and as long as he'll eat them, I'll make the drive into town to buy them.

Funny the things a person finds appetizing when they're ill, isn't it? When I have a bad cold or respiratory troubles, all I ever want is my Mama Jones's sweet rice. (Not really rice pudding because it isn't thickened. Just white rice with milk, sugar, vanilla and nutmeg, served hot.) If I have tummy troubles I always crave spicy, tomato-based dishes (spaghetti, pizza, etc.) and I know how not NORMAL that is.

As for the weather, we had a strange glow in the sky early this morning. Kind of yellowish, kind of eerie. Then it turned BLACK. Now mind you, I had to take Perri to school because she had to take SO much stuff with her this morning (her usual backpack; her trumpet because she had to bring it home to practice over the weekend; her softball gear because tryouts start today) and it was too much for her to lug onto the school bus. So I am out on the road (with Tucker in tow) in my little two-door Speck (the gas saving grocery-getter we bought last summer) when the wind starts really whippin'! Pulled back into the garage just as the rain was starting. It was so dark in the house that at 8:00 a.m., Tucker and I were turning on the lamps. Not NORMAL, I tell ya. Wickedly strange weather.

So after a completely, peculiarly, oddly disjointed day, I am searching for and anxiously awaiting the arrival of NORMAL. The last two weeks have been quite abnormal around here and even though NORMAL is far from perfect, he is my friend. And I miss him.

At least until he hangs around for too long and I start craving some excitement. ; )

For now, I'm putting out the welcome mat and hoping he shows up at my door. If you see him, please send him my way. You'll recognize him, I'm sure. He's the one who looks...well, NORMAL. ; )