Monday, February 7, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

It's been a few days since I've had time to post. Just thought I'd check in, let everyone know what all has been happening around these parts, and to say I haven't forgotten ya! Just been super busy.

On Friday the Hubster took Tucker to the Monster Truck Jam. Talk about a happy little guy! : ) He had a BLAST! And Perri and I took advantage of their guy time to enjoy a little girl time for ourselves. We went shopping for Valentine Dance shoes and found them right away! Talk about a great deal, too. They were $45 beauties and we got them for $8.97!!! CHA-CHING!!!! Perri's happy, Mom and Dad are happy, and all is right with the world! ; )
And THAT is Perri stylin' and profilin' in Penney's! LOL!!! Yes, we had fun!

Saturday brought some blustery winds and even a few snow flurries, but that didn't stop us from having a yummy grilled meal. : ) Everyone was here except for Josh (my SIL) and unfortunately he was stuck working. :( It's been too long since I've gotten to see him and I miss the guy when he isn't around.

Yesterday we went to the inlaws'. We hadn't been up there in a very long time and it was good to go visit for a bit. Since my FIL was working for most of the afternoon and wouldn't be there to eat with us, we grabbed a couple of pizzas on the way up. (You see, my MIL LOVES pizza and my FIL really, really doesn't.) So we ate pizza, MIL and Tucker played games, we all talked and laughed and FIL got home in time for us to spend about an hour with him before we had to head home. It was a good afternoon. : )

Then it was Super Bowl time! Not as much about the game for me as it is about the commercials. ; ) I ADORED the one with the little Darth Vader! How cute was that? And my second favorite was the Doritos commercial where the guy is going out of town and he tells his buddy to feed the fish and water the plant while he's gone. HILARIOUS!!! The ETrade commercials were still cute but just a little bit of a letdown compared to the previous ones. This one is my favorite though.

But that just about covers the craziness around here the last few days. I doubt I'll be on tomorrow...February 8th is usually not a great day for me. :( Tomorrow will be 13 years since we lost this man.

(Pictured here with my mom.)

Here are a couple of other posts I've written about him in the past, in case you missed them. He was an incredible man whose story deserves to be told over and over again. Sure do miss him.

Hope everyone has a terrific week! I'll be back soon! And I promise I'll be around to visit your place soon, too. Silly ol' real life. Just keeps getting in the way! ; )