Friday, February 11, 2011

Some Favorites on Friday

I'm going to tell you about some of my favorite blogs. There is no way on earth I could post about all of my favorites at once, so I may do this kind of post once a week or so, just so you can check out some blogs that may be new to you.

But first let me tell you a few things about what it is that makes a blog enjoyable for me.

1. I think the most important thing is the person behind the blog. While I may have never met the author and I may not really know them, I think you can tell an awful lot about a person by the things he/she blogs about. The tone of their musings, the humor, the subjects of their typical content. I have to say I've come to really like some of the authors I've 'met' through my blog. : ) There are some really nice folks out there in blogland!

2. A certain way with words. I love it when the written word evokes emotion of one sort or another. Make me laugh! I LOVE to laugh out loud when I'm reading! Bring a tear to my eye. It takes a powerful honesty to do that. Make me question myself. Make me question those around me. Give me something about which I must think.

3. Just fluff. When your day has been long and your load particularly heavy, a little bit of fluff can go a long way toward relaxation. Fluff is good.

4. The REAL story. Tell it to me. Don't sugar coat it to make it easier to digest. If your heart is breaking and you need to spill, do it. Don't hold back because it isn't PC to let it all hang out. I like honesty. And I respect it.

5. Pictures. I so admire great pictures. I don't care if they're landscapes, posed babies, snapshots of random moments around the house or just something that drew the photographer's attention. My own lack of photography skills may be partially to blame for this fascination of mine. My pics stink.

6. Inspiration. Inspire me! Show me the room just redecorated with things you already had around the house. Show me that Goodwill find that you repurposed and made beautiful again. Or share with me the things that inspire you.

And there you have some idea of what draws me to a blog.

Here are three of my favorites. (Yes, I'm about to attempt to narrow this list that's as long as my arm down to only three blogs!) I hope you'll check them out, explore what they have to offer and enjoy them. And tell them that I sent you. : )

Relyn is one of the most gifted writers I've had the pleasure of 'meeting' since I started blogging. She has such a way with words. Her computer screen is her canvas, her keyboard a paintbrush. And she creates some of the most lovely and touching works of art. Relyn asks you to Come Sit By My Fire. Take her up on it.

Amanda shares everything from fabulous recipes to the fact that her very swollen feet (she's currently expecting) now fit snugly into her husband's HUGE socks! : ) She is super sweet and always has something fun or interesting to share. And did I mention that she posts fabulous recipes? ; ) There is some good stuff happening in Amanda's kitchen! Drop by I Am Mommy and see for yourself.

Coralie is a busy lady. She has not one, but TWO blogs I enjoy! The first I discovered was Charming Vintage Recipes. She digs up some of the coolest old-school recipes, things you haven't had since you were a kid or have maybe only seen on old movies or television shows. I'm a sucker for all things that pertain to the days when ladies were ladies and gents were gents. So much of what she posts just takes me right back to those days. (I was born in the wrong decade, I tell ya!) Her other blog is A Vintage Cottage Home and it is chock full of gorgeous images of things I consider to be highly collectible, like vintage postcards and books, magazines from days gone by, beautiful advertisements that beckon you back to days when life was simpler. LOVE the stuff she shares!

Whew! That was tough! Choosing only three...okay, so it was technically four if you consider the fact that Coralie has two blogs. But hey! If you'd see my list you would really appreciate what I've just been through! ; ) Hope you'll check these out and tell 'em Kelli sent ya, 'cause I not only like these blogs, I really like the ladies who write them, too!