Friday, August 24, 2012

Isn't that just peachy!

Delicious, juicy peaches brought back from South Carolina 
(Thank you, Brie! : )  They're WONDERFUL!) 
were the perfect reason to throw together
 a couple of fresh and fabulous desserts this week!

First there was this Amish Peach Cobbler. 
Here is the link for this recipe.
It was featured on a local news broadcast
and I decided to give it a try.
I did make a couple of adjustments...
but you knew I would, right?  ; )
I added a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon
to the batter because it just seemed like
it would be rather bland if I didn't
spice it up a little, ya know?
And then, because I like to taste the fruit
and not just SUGAR,
I sprinkled on only about 2/3 cup of sugar 
rather than the full cup that was recommended.
That just sounded like too much sugar to me!
It was very good, especially since these peaches
were positively perfect!
But if you aren't going to be able to eat
the entire cobbler soon after baking it,
I would suggest sharing it with neighbors
because it really wasn't great 
after being refrigerated.
It got all soft and doughy.

Then came this Peach Upside Down Cake.
No recipe to share here, I'm afraid. 
I just used a boxed yellow cake mix
and prepared it the way I do a 
pineapple upside down cake.
No big secrets or anything special,
but I'm here to tell ya
this is one
Now I'm outta here for a fabulous weekend!
First high school football game of the season tonight,
not exactly sure of the plans for tomorrow just yet,
and then on Sunday.....
*drumroll, please!*


Yes, I'm a happy girl!

Hope your weekend is just peachy!  ; )