Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last Week

This was last week.
Oh how I miss last week.
The water was warm, the weather was perfect.
However, not all of our time was spent on the beach. 
Some was spent on the softball fields.
Perri played in her final tournament of the summer
the weekend we arrived.
This is a pic of her and her coach, Cindi.  
She has so much respect for this woman
and learned so much from her this summer.
(Yes, Perri has on lots of tape.  We referred to her as
'The Walking Wounded'
all weekend.)

We also ate lots of great food.
 Have I ever mentioned how much Tucker
LOVES crab legs?  
Well, Tucker LOVES crab legs!  ; )
This was at Duffy Street Seafood Shack,
our favorite seafood spot in North Myrtle.
We've enjoyed meals at 2 of their 3 locations.

Since I wasn't in a seafood kind of mood this time around,
check out the gorgeous
 grilled chicken salad
I got there!
Perfection.  : )

And of course, if you know me at all,
you know we had Italian while we were gone.
Pizza Margherita
Talk about some delicious food!
Completely fresh and fabulous tasting.

And, of course, what's life without a little
pulled pork?
has my favorite pulled pork. 
Tender, juicy and delicious,
with 4 different sauces to try
(My fave?  Carolina Sauce...YUMMY!)
and wonderful hushpuppies and cole slaw.
The onion rings are super good,
but for me you still can't beat
the onion rings at Sonny's Real Pit BBQ.
You just have to travel further south to get them. ; )

But now we're at home, where mornings and evenings
are tinged with the coming autumn
and afternoons are still holding on
 to the typical August heat.
School has started and we're slowly but surely
working our way back into a normal routine.

And, once again, all the cooking
is up to ME.

; )