Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Once in a blue moon...

The original definition of a blue moon:
The third of four full moons in a single season.

The more recent definition:
The second full moon in a calendar month.

If you happen to subscribe to the second definition,
that means that on Friday we'll experience 
a blue moon.

And that got me to thinking.

What do you have lined up for your Friday?
Something special?
Do your plans include anything extraordinary?

Maybe, just maybe,
since a blue moon is a rather rare occurence,
we should make a real occasion of it?

No, not a full blown balloons and streamers
kind of celebration.
But perhaps just do something 
we seldom take the time to do;
something we enjoy.

What is some pleasure you don't often
allow yourself?
It doesn't have to be something HUGE
like shopping for a new wardrobe

 taking some exotic trip.

It can be something as simple as 
treating yourself to a pint of your
favorite Ben and Jerry's


taking a couple of hours 
to read or craft or bake
or do whatever it is that you enjoy 
but you've been to busy
to even consider.

My Friday is already pretty full
but I do intend to pencil in
some little something 
that's just for me.

I will take the time to do something special;
something I've been wanting to do,
meaning to do
or hoping to do,
but simply haven't had the time.

Perhaps I'll bake something for the neighbors.
Or get started on some crafty project
I've pinned on Pinterest.
Maybe I'll take some time to 
That's something I've had to ignore
far too often lately,
and it's something I miss.

So what gift will you give yourself?

How will you make your Friday special?

What is it that you long to do at least