Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wise Words Wednesday

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Sometimes it's really hard to see the good.
When we're faced with hardships 
or disappointment,
we usually don't even think to look for it.
And we certainly don't feel as if we are
in any condition to actually contribute
to the world around us.
We simply want a magical cure 
that will make us feel better.
I have just the thing.


We hear all the stories about folks who choose to
make a difference;
folks who want to be a positive force
in an often bleak world.
These are folks who don't just 
sit around thinking about it.
They get up and they do.
They take action.
They make things happen.

The next time you're feeling 
down, disappointed,
disheartened or  just plain sad...


Drop some coins in an expired parking meter.
Help a neighbor carry in their groceries.
Make a little extra dinner and take a plate to a shut-in.
Offer a word of praise to someone who's struggling.
 Smile at folks in passing.
Just be kind.

And then...

see what happens in return.  :)  

*Gonna make a few copies of this sign 
and put one on my fridge,
one on the visor in my car,
one on my nightstand.
Reminders are GOOD.*


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