Friday, September 3, 2010

And you thought YOU were having a bad day...

Picture this:

You're in southern California enjoying a lovely day of golf.
(Not that I'm a golf fan. Golf bores me. But bear with me. It's where this story takes place.)

Throughout the day you've heard:

Typical stuff.

No big deal.

But then you hear...


And you're thinkin'

Fire on a golf course?

Is someone really THAT good?

But then you realize it's true. There IS a fire.


The dude just ahead of you took a swing with his club and instead of striking the ball,
he struck a ROCK.

Yes, a rock.

Which in turn threw off a SPARK, which then started a fire in the rough.

And evidently the rough was very, very dry.

"Why Kelli, how do you know this?"
you ask.

I'll just tell you.

That spark ignited the rough,
which then ignited a nearby brushy hillside
and in the end it burned a total of (get this...)


True story.
Absolutely CRAZY true.