Friday, January 13, 2012

An Amazing Evening

Last night The Hubster and I had a date night and it was definitely the best one we've had for quite some time!  You see, we had tickets to see these guys:
{ In case you've been under a rock for the last decade or so, this is Rascal Flatts.  ; ) }

This lady was there, too:
She puts on a good show, but I was really there to see RF.

But first, before either of the big names hit the stage, there was this guy:
This cutie's name is Hunter Hayes.
THIS is my favorite song of his so far.
Love it!
Yes, he looks like he's 14 but he's actually 20.
He's also extremely talented.
This kid can play any instrument you put in front of him.
He can sing and actually sounds a great deal like Gary Levox, the lead singer for RF.
And everyone knows that Gary is THE voice.

Basically I guess I'm saying that last night's show was...
Yes, it was.
: )

And dinner before the concert?
Well, let's just say that it was
I've had in a long, long time!

I do love food.  : )

We went to Tidewater Grill.  Hadn't been there in a very long time
but it was just as wonderful as we remembered it being.

WOW what a steak I had! 
And the shrimp?  
The service is absolutely top notch, too.
If you're ever in Charleston, WV and you want a 
first rate dining experience,
Tidewater is the place to go.
After a night like last night, it was good to have a 
laid back day like I've had today.
Snow is blowing outside and fire is roaring in the fireplace.
A big pot of chili on the stove and we're about to
have a family game night.

Hope all of you have a terrific weekend!