Monday, January 9, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @
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1.  Working on that spare room.   AGAIN.

Yes, I know.  I've posted about the dreaded spare room before.  I've even started sorting and organizing the spare room before.  Somehow it always ends up being pushed aside, forgotten, left as-is.  Life is a busy thing and that spare room just isn't the top priority.  But I am SO tired of it being....well, what it is.  And what it is is a disgusting mess!  It's cluttered with stacks of books, outgrown toys the kids no longer want in their rooms but don't want to give up just yet.  There were piles of clothes they've outgrown, but I already sent those out of here, to the Hope Shop, where someone else can benefit from them.  There are home decor items I'm not currently using but may again someday, therefore I don't want to toss them or put them in a yard sale.  But what to do with all this STUFF?  The mood will strike me and I will toss most of it.  I love it when that feeling comes over me and then things look all clean and fresh and ready to clutter up live in again!

I thought about hanging this sign:
But the room isn't really that bad.  Not worthy of an episode or Hoarders or anything like that.  Yet.  ; )

Do you hold onto things for the usefulness or pleasure they brought in the past and the good they might be again someday?  Or am I the only one who does this?

Please tell me I am not alone in this.  I already feel ridiculous because of it.  I mean, really.  Just how useful is that barnyard decor from Tucker's nursery ever gonna be again?  He's 9 years old.  Its time has come and gone.

I'm guessing the Hope Shop will be getting some more bags and boxes soon.

2.  I am ready for all illness and extreme discomfort to leave this house.  It started with the stomach virus I endured through Thanksgiving, followed by the terrible sinus infection I endured through Christmas.  Then there was the strep that Perri contracted around NYE, and the sinus infection/cold that caused The Hubster to miss work on Thursday and Friday of last week.  He is getting better but is still on antibiotics and cough meds.  And now my back is attempting to give me fits.  Lower back pain, tightness in the muscles, lack of flexibility and the inability to sit, stand or lie in one position for very long.  It has been back to back to back YUCK here for WEEKS!

If we don't all get well soon and stay that way for at least a couple of weeks, you may see us all dressed like this when leaving the house:
Please wave and speak and don't make us feel awkward.  I'm just tired of sickness.

I need a break from it.


3.  We're supposed to get snow on Wednesday and Thursday!  This, my friends, makes me happy!
 A shot from last winter.

We haven't had a good snow yet this year.  Very little snow at all, actually.  I like a good, deep, school-cancelling snow once in a while.  I don't think what is coming will really amount to enough to cancel school, but even a delay will do.  ; )

4.  I am going to make this a good day.  I'm going to cross at least a couple of things off my to-do list.  I have a little organizing project I'm going to do today, as well as the work in the spare room.  Little by little, it is all coming together.  : ) 

 Hope you can make it a good Monday, too!  Hang in there.  Only 4 days until the weekend!  ; )