Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How Important is Yours?

The other day I read something and thought 
What timing!  

You see, things had been a little....
strained, I guess you could say.  
Just a matter of life getting in the way 
and priorities getting out of line.
Things seemed...broken.
Well, I don't much like broken things. 
I had been making a conscious effort 
to make things better.
Doing my best to pay attention,
choose words wisely,
keep attitude in check,
and stop taking things for granted.

That's when I came across this.

Then a few days later
I'm looking around on Pinterest
(Yes, I have another online addiction.)
and I see it again because
my daughter has pinned it.
I figured it was a sign that I should blog about it.  ; )

So tell me it isn't only me.
Do you sometimes 
(perhaps too often?)
get to that place where you take your marriage
for granted?
Where you don't work quite as hard on it
as you know you should?

I don't like being taken for granted
and I believe in that whole
"do unto others"
Ya know?

Some folks claim that a marriage 
should not require 'work'.  
That it should just fall into place
if it's meant to be.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

We put effort into true friendships.
We do nice things for our friends,
 sometimes going out of our way for them
because we like to see them happy.
We're there when they need us.
We treat them like special gifts.
We respect them.

Why should we not do as much
for the person we vowed to love,
honor and cherish 
until death do us part?

We should.
It's just that sometimes,
in the day to day ordinariness of our lives,
we become complacent.
We become less vigilant.
At times we aren't even nice
Why?  Because...
well, just because.
It's the easy thing to do.
It requires less effort 
and takes less time.

And that's when it begins to tarnish
and it stops growing
and it is no longer as beautiful as it once was.

So I'm paying attention.

How about you?