Friday, February 15, 2013

Clean Slates and Patient Hearts

This was posted by a FB friend this morning 
and it really struck a chord. 
It also made me think of another line 
I'd like to add to it:

and the confidence to form our own opinions.

These lessons have been so terribly lost in today's society.  
People can be incredibly judgmental, 
basing their opinions on what others say 
rather than figuring things out for themselves. 

How often do you approach someone,
already armed with opinions and expectations 
that you've created based upon 
gossip and hearsay?
Or perhaps even impressions they've given you
based only on their outward appearance?

And let's be honest.
There have been times when
you've even created a monster in your mind
only to meet the person and think
"Wow. You know, she's actually very nice."

I confess.
Guilty as charged.
I'm not proud of it.
It's just a fact.

 But I am changing all that.
It's part of a big ol' remodeling I've been undergoing
the last couple of years.
I'm making changes to the only thing in this world
over which I have any real control:

Important changes are usually the toughest to make.
Being less judgmental is important.
Being kind is important.
Having an open and patient heart is important.

I will create a blank slate for each person I meet.
 I will allow them to write on it 
the story they want me to read.
I will let them be the person they choose to be
rather than forcing them into some mold I've
already chosen for them.
I'll allow them to set the tone of our relationship.
I will follow my own instincts.

I will hope and pray that from this day forward,
others will give me
that same opportunity.

you know,
people will become what you expect of them.
 It's human nature to respond in kind
to the way others behave toward you.

And more than that...
given good reason to do so,

Be what you'd like to see in others.