Monday, February 11, 2013

Roundabout Blessings

It's one of those mornings.

No, not a BAD morning.
Just one of those mornings.

The Hubster and the kids seemed to be
 in  good moods
and I got everyone off to work and school
with no hitches.
The temp is very mild for a February morning
and it's supposed to go into the 50s this afternoon.

Earlier I watched a thick layer of dark clouds 
being blown across the sky,
the wind taking them elsewhere,
so that we might enjoy a brief blast 
of springlike weather.

Now there is sunshine streaming through my window,
highlighting a layer of dust that needs
to be removed from practically every surface.

  I have stacks of laundry sorted,
ready to be thrown into the washing machine
and then the dryer
(which I don't mind all that much)
folded/put on hangers
(which I also don't mind)
and then put away
(which I mind very much, for whatever silly reason.)

Over the weekend we stopped at Sam's and 
picked up some beef and some chicken.
They need to be worked up, divided into smaller portions
and put in the freezer.
Not my favorite job, but it's nice to have it on hand
and not have to worry about running to the store
so often to replenish.
Not my freezer...borrowed pic from a search engine
because mine needs some organizing.  ;)

We have a busy evening ahead,
filled with a piano lesson
and then a quick dinner before we go
to a basketball game at the high school,
where Perri will be cheering.
That will put us home in time to start
getting ready for bed so that we can
get up tomorrow and start all over again.

It might sound monotonous to some,
but I'm counting my blessings!
My roundabout blessings,
meaning they may not look like blessings
at first glance, but dig a little deeper.
You'll see what I mean.
That layer of dust I see means that I have 
a roof over my head 
and furniture to fill it. 
All those stacks of laundry mean that 
we have plenty of clothes to wear to keep us warm.
 The music lesson and the ballgame
that leave our schedule feeling somewhat rushed
mean that my kids are healthy 
and spending time on things they enjoy.
That hour or so I don't relish spending in the kitchen
packaging up things for the freezer
means we are blessed with enough food
to nourish and sustain us.

But now it's time to get busy.
I'll turn on some music,
definitely sing along and
probably even dance a little ;) ,
while I tackle the tasks at hand.

It's not a perfect morning
by most folks' standards.
But it sure feels perfect for me.