Monday, April 5, 2010

Marvelous Monday

What a beautiful morning! The sun is peeking out and there is a cool, gentle breeze blowing through the window. Easter weekend could not have been more wonderful! Great weather, great company, great times!

Since Thursday (the Hubster took off work Thursday and Friday) we have:

*weeded flower beds
*put down edging along the one that had none
*planted two trees
*divided daylillies
*mulched all the beds
*tilled the veggie garden
*attended an Easter egg hunt
*had a birthday party at our house
*went to church yesterday morning
*hosted Easter dinner

A busy but very enjoyable few days!

And now to share with you the pics of my giveaway! Texas Holly has now received the package and I want to show the rest of you what it was she won. I promised bright and springy! See what you think:

The yellow candle is my new favorite scent and I thought I'd share the love. I hope the flower seeds are compatible with her area of the country! I didn't even think about that when I was buying them. I know what does well here and what I like and pretty much didn't think beyond that.

The towels were fun to decorate. :) I've made yoyos for years and have completed a few projects with them but this was the first time I had used them to adorn hand towels. And I have tons of buttons just because I LOVE buttons! Thought they'd make cute flowers. :)

I'd better get off this computer and get busy. Much to do around here today while the sun shines! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!