Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Morning and It's a GREAT ONE! : )

I know people mostly complain about Mondays but I'm here to sing its praises today. : ) There are a few reasons that this Monday is great.

1. I awakened to SNOW falling outside my bedroom window! YAY!!! I hadn't watched the news over the weekend (honestly, aren't the days usually better when you don't watch the news?) and had no idea it was in the forecast. Last thing I heard was a chance on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, so this was a pleasant surprise! : )

2. I get to take my babies Christmas shopping today! They each have friends for whom they want to buy presents and we really haven't had much opportunity to take them before now. Yes, there is school but all they're doing is watching movies and such so I don't mind letting them miss. After tomorrow they're out until January 3rd anyway. : )

3. Now this reason is the trickiest one of all. You see, it required me to get a head start on this great mood last night. But that was not a problem at all thanks to my good friend Robin over at Alabama Slacker Mama. I hadn't been online much yesterday afternoon and when I did check my email in the evening, I found THE COOLEST email! Robin was informing me that I had won her giveaway!!!

Can you say AWESOME??? : )

I won a $50 Visa gift card!!! Merry Christmas to ME!!! LOL!!!

You can't imagine how excited I am!

So needless to say, not only did I awaken to a beautiful snowfall and happy thoughts of Christmas shopping with my family, but I even had a big ol' smile already plastered on my face thanks to Robin!!!


If you have never visited Robin's place, please do. She is such a cool, sweet, creative lady who adores her beautiful little family and is a fantastic bloggy friend! : )

And now I'm OUTTA HERE! The Hubster, the kids and I have some memories to make! : )