Thursday, December 9, 2010


A Note from Kelli: I've been gone due to computer issues. AGAIN. This time it was my cord that died, so at least that is relatively easily remedied. Right now I'm borrowing a cord for a little while but I have a new one on the way. While I have the use of this cord, I wanted to stop in and post so you wouldn't think I've fallen off the face of the earth. : )

Now it's time to celebrate thinking small. It seems we're always searching out all things bigger, better, new and improved. I know I just posted about this very thing not long ago, but I feel it bears repeating. Recent events have caused me to realize even more the value of my time and, most of all, my sanity.

This year instead of spending my Christmas season feeling like this:

I decided I want it to be more like this:

I want a peaceful, serene Christmas. Not so much hustle and bustle and more relaxing and enjoying my family. I want to take the time to experience Christmas as I did when I was a child. I want to see it through my eight year old's eyes and feel that same excitement and anticipation. So instead of just saying this is what I want and thinking I should do something about it, I did it. I simplified. And I must say, I'm liking this. : )

Guess what. ONE TREE.

Yes, that's right. I put up only one tree this year. The big one in the family room, the most important tree in the house. Didn't put up the parlor tree or the one in the master bedroom. The kids each have a small tree in their bedroom and they did that all themselves. We are typically a five tree family, so this is MAJOR.

And I'm not freaking out over the baking and cooking and all that fun stuff. Shopping is finished and wrapping is all done.

I've had time to watch Christmas movies and read Christmas stories with the kids.

This is nice. : )