Monday, May 16, 2011

Yoo-hoo!!! Mr. Sunshine!!! Where'd you go?

So we found time over the weekend to hit the greenhouses. There really hadn't been much point until now because it's been too cold and rainy to even consider planting anything. Sure, we'd have a warm and sunny day here and there, but we couldn't seem to string together more than two at a time. According to the weather gurus, we are more than a foot above average on rainfall. A FOOT!!!

Thankfully Saturday didn't realize that it was supposed to be yet another rainy day (this according to the aforementioned weather gurus) and the sun decided to come out and play. After Tucker's baseball game (which they WON!!! AND my little guy caught a fly ball for the final out of the game!) we headed out to a greenhouse someone had told us about.

Let me tell ya...this place was HUGE!!! I have no idea how many greenhouses there are, so I'll just say LOTS. And the grandaddy of 'em all...well, here he is. In two separate shots.

And a couple of shots of some of the other pretties we saw.

This is the cart we were filling. Tucker was in charge of maneuvering it from greenhouse to greenhouse for us and he did a great job! Never turned it over even once! ;)

And, BTW, the prices were INCREDIBLE! Flats were $8, hanging baskets were $8, hanging ferns were $7! Can't beat that with a stick! :)

I got a our window boxes planted as soon as we got home, and also put some flowers in the whiskey barrel by the garage door, but that's as far as I've gotten. Know why? Well, as the title of this post suggests, the sun disappeared and the dreary drizzlies decided to make an appearance...AGAIN! It is a damp and chilly 50* today. In mid-May!

As soon as we have some sunshine I'll be sure to post some pics of the pretties on the porch, in the beds, etc. I just need it to warm up a tad so I can get outside and enjoy playing in the dirt.