Friday, October 5, 2012

5QF Fun

Linking up at My Little Life for 5QF.  You should, too!  : )

1. What album/cd/download are you embarrassed to admit you have?
Hmmmm.....I'm not sure that I have one that actually embarrasses me, but I have one or two that my family would just as soon forget! LOL!  I love My Best Friend's Wedding and my older daughter has the CD.  I borrowed it (like, for a really loooooong time, I'm afraid...actually, I might still have it.  OOPS!) and I put it on my iPhone.  So when things are getting boring on a long drive, I simply hook up my phone and turn on this song:
If You Wanna Be Happy

Believe me when I tell you that they like to complain that I'm playing it, but they sure do end up singing along before it's over!  ; ) 

2. What's the one thing your spouse does better than you?

One thing?  Pffffffttt.  He has a better sense of direction.  He provides for our family in ways I never could.  He can maintain a calm facade much better than I can...meaning that when we're facing a situation that causes me to fly off the handle, he just kind of stands there and takes it all in before reacting. 

This list could get long.

But I was much better at breastfeeding than he ever could be.  ; )


3. When do you start buying Halloween Candy?

At the last possible minute.  We never have trick-or-treaters (I live in a cow pasture, remember?) so I don't really have to worry about it.  But I do worry about it because what if I expect no trick-or-treaters but then there comes that knock on the door and I find an adorable little person standing there awaiting a treat?  (That has happened maybe 3 times in the 18 years I've lived here...) So the day before or (more typically) the day of, I usually pick up a bag of something or other just in case.  Of course, I have to make sure that it's something we like because we're probably going to be the ones stuck eating it.  

4. Family closets - Yay or nay?

I think I would love this.  I think.  Maybe.  Having one room-sized closet would mean that organization would be key, but I also think it would be easier than trying to organize the much smaller space in an ordinary sized closet.  Also how cool would it be to have the laundry room adjacent to this family closet?  Open a door and put away everyone's everything without walking from room to room to room!  Yes, I'm sure I would like that.  

5. Which home/cleaning chore do you hate the most? Why?

I can sum this up in one word:  

 Don't mind doing laundry.
Dusting and vacuuming are tedious
but not terrible.
Washing dishes?
Not my fave but far from dreadful.
But scrubbing toilets?

So I'll tell you what:  I'll come over and do your laundry if you'll come over and scrub my toilets.  Deal?  ; )