Friday, October 26, 2012

Thank you, Mr. Hickam!

My boy was all smiles last night.
You see, he'd been waiting for this 
author of Rocket Boys 
(the book on which the film
October Sky was based)
came to our neck of the woods yesterday,
spending the day speaking to and with
area high school kids,
then speaking at a fundraising 
dinner put on by our local
community association.
It was a wonderful evening
and we were very fortunate to
be able to attend.
(THANK YOU to Brie for 
getting us tickets!)
 This was Tucker's first time attending
such a function and he was in awe.
The setting was lovely,
the food was wonderful,
and the mood was jubilant.
But the highlight for my little guy
was having the opportunity 
to meet a man whose life story
is so very inspiring.
If you don't know Mr. Hickam's story,
you absolutely MUST read 
Rocket Boys.
What a story it is!

 After such a great evening, 
I'm now back to reality.
Today I'm feeling a little sluggish
as the result of a pretty bad migraine 
last night.  :(
I felt it coming on just before the dinner,
but there wasn't much I could do.
I had hurriedly changed purses 
just before walking out the door 
and had no meds in my bag.
I wasn't about to leave the dinner early,
but the second Mr. Hickam walked off the stage,
we headed out the door.
The drive home was...
interesting, to say the least.
Bright headlights are not my friend
when a migraine is hanging around.
I took meds and was in bed 
with an ice pack on my head 
at 9:38 p.m.
The only way I can get a migraine to go away
is to go to sleep.
That's tough when you're hurting so.
It finally happened and now
I'm suffering with the
'migraine hangover'.
Those of you who have them will
 know exactly what I mean.
And best of all?
Today is our wedding anniversary!
And The Hubster will probably be 
working a little late this evening.
So between that and this sluggishness...
to me!  ; )