Monday, October 1, 2012

Sugar and Spice, Diamonds and...Dirt?

Friday was homecoming at her high school
and Saturday was the homecoming dance.
She loves dress shopping
(and, might I add, she is a bargain shopper!
This one set us back only $20 at Macy's!
First store we entered, first dress she tried...)
and she loves pretty jewelry and she adores 4" heels.
 Experimenting with makeup
and different hairstyles is the highlight of her day.
But there is another side to this girl.

There's the side of her that loves to compete...

...that loves the hard work of being 
on a team that expects the best you have to give.

...that loves the smack of a bat meeting a ball
that's traveling somewhere around 60 mph.

There's the part of her that needs to be out there on the diamond,
snagging that line drive and throwing out the competitor
before she can reach base.

I love that these personalities can coexist 
so beautifully.
She is a happy, well-rounded, well-grounded
young lady who likes to have fun
and knows how to enjoy every minute.  
Perri and her friends prior to the dance.
I'm proud of this girl for a bunch of reasons.
 She takes every opportunity to have fun, 
she doesn't embarrass easily, 
she'll try ANYTHING...
but she'll gladly walk away from any temptation 
that she knows is unwise.  
She has good judgement and the audacity to use it 
regardless of what everyone else is doing. 
 She is not a follower.
 She does not strive to be a leader. 
She is simply her own person.
 If others want to follow her lead, 
she's okay with that as long as they understand
 that she takes no responsibility for their actions. 
 I think that's a pretty good combination
for a 14 year old girl.

Perri and her date, Woody.

She isn't perfect but neither am I.
We have our Mom vs. Teenager moments
just like every other mother and daughter out there.
But even with our occasional disagreements
and not seeing eye-to-eye,
she's still perfect for this mom.
And I'm proud to call her mine.

Sugar and spice and everything nice;
 Softballs that go smack and a little eye-black...
That's what my little girl is made of.  ; )

The gorgeous photos were taken by my older daughter, Brie.
 : )