Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Road Trip in Pictures

 The Anna Jarvis House
in Grafton, WV.
Don't know who she is? 
She's the reason you celebrate
Mother's Day.

 Some wetlands along the way.

 The covered bridge in Philippi.
Heavily traveled daily
since it's smack-dab in the middle of town.

A couple of shots as we drove through
some of the most gorgeous

 A lovely farm we came across
as we drove along a 15 mile stretch
of narrow, winding blacktop.

 A path that leads you to
Blackwater Falls.

 We were up high enough that there
were few trees other than pines.

 A lovely walkway leading to
the falls.

214 steps, in case you were wondering.  ;)

 Blackwater Falls.
Stunningly beautiful.
I could sit there all day
drinking in the scenery
and listening to the powerful 
rushing of the water.

 Ferns growing along the path
on the way back from the falls.
This pic just doesn't capture 
the beauty of that shady area.

 Seneca Rocks.
There are actually people standing
on top of those peaks,
though they're difficult to see
in these pics.

 A lovely picnic area just
outside of Seneca Caverns.

 A little more of the colorful
German Valley surrounding
Seneca Caverns.

 The entrance to the Caverns.
We walked through 3/4 of a mile
of underground caverns.

 The view we enjoyed on our walk back
from the caverns' exit.

These next pics are of 
Weston State Mental Hospital,
sometimes referred to as
Transallegheny Lunatic Asylum.
This is one of the most fascinating 
places and we plan to go back 
when we can take a tour of
the building and the grounds.
This is the largest cut stone building
in the United States.

 This brick building below is one of the
annexes to the main hospital.
At one time the hospital included
666 acres of ground,
had 3 cemeteries,
a water treatment facility,
greenhouses and gardens.

I can't wait to go back there to
tour the grounds and the
inside of the building,
which closed down in the 90s.
This month they are hosting 
haunted house tours
and even haunted overnight stays.
Not interested in that, TYVM.

All in all, we drove 500 miles that day 
and saw parts of the state I'd never seen before.
A trip to the WV mountains 
in the fall of the year
is highly recommended.
It is indeed