Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Junque

The Hubster calls it junk
but he couldn't be more wrong.
If it were junk,
I would trash it.
No, the only occasionally necessary
and I might need this someday
items that are stashed here, 
there and yonder
are much better than simply junk.
They most definitely qualify for the
 more dignified classification of
(A  'que' on the end
gives it a certain elegance.
Don't you think?)

(No, this is not my junk.  I found this pic on the Internet.
I just wanted The Hubster
to see a pic of a junk drawer that's even worse
than our own.
Hey, at least I didn't find a rubber hand!)

I should be embarrassed by the fact 
that I have not one... not two...
but THREE junque drawers.
In my kitchen alone.
(Don't judge me.  And we'll not be discussing 
the ones UPstairs, TYVM.)
However, the fact that I can typically come up 
with a needed item that no one else seems
to have on hand is enough to quell my shame
to a certain extent.

You need to move a heavy desk 
and could use a set of furniture slides?
Don't run to the hardware store. 
There's a set in that end drawer, under the
spare nightlight bulbs.

What's that?
You found that mini Simon game 
the kids misplaced 3 years ago
and you'd like to play it but can't find the little 
knobs they removed?
I can handle that.
They're right there in the second drawer
beside the battery charger for the 
RC truck that was trashed last spring.

(Okay, so that charger can go now.
Consider it history!)

Yesterday I cleaned out and organized
the closet that goes under the stairs,
then decided to attack the junque drawers.
After purging and reorganizing,
this is what one of them looks like now:
Pens, pencils, markers, highlighters...
a place for everything 
and everything in its place.
 Feels pretty good.  : )

Know what feels even better?
An empty drawer!
My mind is running a mile a minute
considering all the possibilities!
Once I cleared out the things that 
actually have a home elsewhere
(but someone was simply too lazy to 
put them where they belong)
I managed to consolidate 
the remaining items and free up
an entire drawer.

You have no idea how happy this makes me!

Bet you already know my focus for today.
What to use to refill this beautifully empty space!
Around here, the possibilities are endless,
but I can assure you one thing:
No rubber hands will be involved!  ; )