Monday, September 19, 2011

Miscellany Monday...and it's about time!!!

Miscellany Monday @
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Yes, I've been gone for too long.  But I tell ya, it's been a crazy few weeks in my little world!
Here's an update on what's happening in the Land of Kelli:

1.)  The Tasty Cupcakery is now up and running and boy oh it EVER doing well!  Our wonderful friends have helped spread the word and we are in awe of the way things are going.  It is AMAZING.  Already she has outgrown the space she's renting and at this rate she'll be looking for new digs in less than a year.  The sandwiches, soups, and certainly the sweets, are so good that people just keep coming back for more!  She hasn't even started week 2 yet and already she has catered a business luncheon, received several large orders for cupcakes, is doing a wedding cake and cupcake tower, and just doing her best to keep up with it all!  : )

2.)  Of course there was plenty of work to be done before the shop could open, so all of us chipped in and worked our little tails off until the place was ready for business.  I made two of these valances and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out:
The space is small but it sure looks sharp with the colors and designs Brie chose.  : )

And of course we had to build an entire kitchen.  The room was just an empty space when we started and we had to be really creative in working with the layout, placement of sinks, etc. based on the plumbing and electrical locations.  I don't have a pic of the kitchen or I'd share it with you.  It works....for now.  ; )

3.)  Perri is now playing fall softball with the girls on her high school team and we're spending every Sunday afternoon in Buffalo, a town about 30-40 minutes from us, for tournaments.  I'm glad she's getting this opportunity to improve her skills so she's ready for the high school level of play when softball season rolls around in the spring.

4.)  Brie and I had our girls' night out last night.  Haven't done anything like that our midnight movie adventure last fall.  : )  This time it was to see Colbie Caillat (click the link and sit through a very short advertisement to see her latest video single) and it was AMAZING.  The Clay Center in Charleston, WV provides a wonderful and intimate venue for a concert.  We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Andy Grammer (click on this link to see the video of my FAVORITE song he performed last night) was opening for her...even though we really didn't know who he was.  ; )  The dude walked out on the stage, said "Hi!  I'm Andy" and started singing and we were totally blown away!  And he is not just a singer but an entertainer.  He had the audience pretty much wrapped around his little finger.  I was so impressed that I came home and bought his album on iTunes.  And I just know it will be on 'repeat' quite often.  ; )

I am so glad that this was what Brienne got as her FIRST EVER CONCERT EXPERIENCE!  : )

5.)  Brie and I made apple butter at a fundraiser for a local fire department on Saturday.  That is an ALL DAY job, ya know.  And after the week Brie had with the shop just opening and everything, I think this officially exhausted her.  ; )  PURE CRAZINESS...that's what life has been these past few weeks.

6.)  And that just about sums it all up.  Lots of bakery time, delivery time, time with the grandbabies, etc.  It's been crazy and I've barely had time to think, let alone blog.  But I have definitely missed you folks!  I'm going to try to carve out a little more time for myself so I can post a little more regularly.  It's all about routine, I know.  Just gotta work it in.  ; )