Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've accomplished so little today...

Because I keep looking at old pics.

Some of them have brought back great memories.

Some have nearly brought me to tears.

I need to stop now.

Okay, not right now. But in a minute.

Or two.

First I have to show you these shots.

(Taken in '05.)

This is Perri's hair before a gymnastics competition. She was 7 years old.

Yes, I did that myself. :) I'm pretty proud of that fact. I used to fix her hair in such cute styles!

{Then she turned 10 and, wanted...okay, DEMANDED to do her hair herself.}

And this is Tucker (age 3), who didn't want to be left out of this
top-of-the-head picture-taking fun.

How CUTE is that?


  1. WOW OH WOW! Perri's hair looks fantastic and so professional!! (Oh, and Tucker's hair looks very handsome, too...haha)

    Don't you just love going back and looking at old pictures?


  2. Robin, it's such a simple thing to do! It's just a matter of getting the parts straight. Though I have to say, Tucker's was even simpler! ;)

  3. SO cute, Kelli! The hairdo is AMAZING! My daughter was in gymnastics, too, but she had a hair-challenged mom LOL...plain old ponytails...

  4. Loooooove her hair. You did a great job! And how strange is this, I knew that Tucker used to be a lil' man (obviously, aren't we all that little at some point) but I never pictured it ... he's so stinking CUTE!!! You can see him in the 1st pic and I love his wittle baby face :)

  5. Linda, even the hair-challenged could do this! REALLY! :)

    Thanks, Amanda! I'll have to send you a few pics of the dude when he was little. :)


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