Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This Crazy Summer of 2012

Hello, my friends!  Oh how I've missed you!  I want to give you guys a brief update about what's happening in this crazy-busy life of mine and to let you know that I hope to be back on a more frequent basis around the first of September.

The kids' schedules have really kept us hopping the last couple of months.  I honestly think we got busier once school let out for the summer!  Tucker finished up his regular baseball season and then started playing All Stars.  They didn't go far but he got some pretty amazing pinstripes!  : )

Perri's high school softball season finished up just in time for her travel ball season to begin.  She spent most weekends this summer sporting this uniform:

Except for a couple of weekends when she was sporting these instead:
A couple of small fractures kept her on the bench for a little while, but it didn't keep her from having her pic taken with Chase Likens of American Idol fame.  : )  He is a DOLL.

She also had band camp, marched in the Fourth of July parade, suffered through tons of incredibly hot and humid band practices, and she now also sports this uniform:

My girl is enjoying her first year as a Ripley High School varsity cheerleader!  : )  

School will be starting back (far too soon!) next week and the rest of this month will continue to be a busy one, but I'm hoping that my daily schedule will slow down a bit once we're back in the swing of a school time schedule.  

I'll be back soon I hope.  I promise.   I miss my blog and I miss YOU GUYS!