Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Few of My Purchases

I've been a regular Susie Homemaker today
(except my waist isn't that tiny)
and thought I'd take a blogging break.

I promised to show you guys some of my Amish Country purchases and now seems like as good a time as any. These first two are signs I got to go somewhere on the wraparound end of my porch, where my rocking chairs are located. You can see it here.

I LOVE those old tin signs that served as advertisements back in the day. I used to have the link to a company that sold them in bulk but I lost it when my old computer crashed. I'm going to have to find them again so I can buy some others to go along with this one. If you'll notice, this one is for "WILLIAMS" poultry food. :) I'm sure there are many others out there with the name Williams on them, too, so I'm going to hunt them down.

This sign I got for my kitchen. (DUH!)

This little guy will appreciate it one of these days. : )

And then there is this PERFECTION that I thought I'd better show you before I devour every last crumb.

This is Sun Dried Tomato Bread from Kauffman's Bakery on Bunker Hill.
I have three words for you.


Note the emphasis on GOODNESS.
This stuff is absolutely mouthwatering and one of my favorite things. Ever.
As is witnessed by the fact that half of the loaf is already gone.
And the jagged edges.
You see, when I eat this there is no knife involved.
I simply tear into it with my bare hands.

Very unladylike, I'm afraid.

But I've decided that's okay because it makes me happy!

Hope you've found something to make you happy today! : )