Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some more bloomers...


I am referring to the new blooms in my yard. It has been sweltering hot and we haven't had much rain, so I've been watering daily and hoping for the best. Thought I'd share with you the latest buds to burst forth and show themselves.

This is the bee balm mentioned in a couple of my earlier posts. I can't remember how long they actually bloom but I'm hoping they last a while. I love the color they add to the spot they're sharing with some of my 'green' plantings.

I used to have hundreds of glads. Literally HUNDREDS. After a few years they had multiplied so and we had rearranged them many times. We ended up tiring of them and we gave away most of what we had. We kept only a few, knowing they would repopulate soon enough. Well, as luck would have it, the ones I kept have not multiplied as profusely and now I have only a small handful. AND they are scattered about in odd places due to the fact that some of them were not moved intentionally but were scattered by a small rototiller we used to work some better stuff into the red clay soil. I need to take the time this year to arrange them a little more nicely.
This is my favorite of all of my glads. I adore the color and it almost matches my front door! : )

Poor little Jackmanii. This clematis grows out back off the end of our deck and I'm afraid it isn't a very good spot for a clematis who doesn't like the heat of day and would rather 'keep her feet cool'. She has struggled here for years and I hope to find her a new home where she'll flourish. I just need to enlist the Hubster to break out the tiller and help me prepare a spot.

This is the row of lilies planted at each fencepost along the back yard. These can all be seen to the left of our house as you're facing it. These are the lilies that were given to me by a friend who said they'd taken over their driveway and he was sick of them. He gave me an entire truckload, most of which ended up along this fence line. : )

Old fashioned Snow-on-the-Mountain. I got the seeds to start these from an old-timer who hated to see the variety lose favor because of more formal gardening design. If you've never seen them in person, know that this picture does not do them justice. They start out solid green and then develop those lovely, white-edged, leafy 'flowers' ALL OVER. When they're in full bloom, I'll be sure to snap a pic or two. They do tend to take over any area where they're planted because as they begin to fade, the little seed pods they form burst and scatter. I'd be happy to gather seeds and send them to anyone who'd like to add them to their garden. : ) These stand 2' to 3' tall and they are so very pretty!

And I'll finish off with a shot of yesterday evening's sky. The sun had just disappeared behind the hill and the beautiful colors of the sunset hadn't yet begun to appear, but as I looked up through the pin oak out back, I just thought it was a very pretty scene. : )