Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Little of This and a Little of That Tuesday...even though it feels like Monday

Does it feel that way to you, too? I'll have my days mixed up all week now, but the long weekend was worth it. And I have so much to tell you! : ) Pictures, too.

First of all, Tucker's baseball team ended up being league champs. As an end-of-the-season treat, the coaches scheduled a parents vs. kids game for Saturday morning, to be followed by a pizza party and trophy presentation. It was a BLAST! : ) Here are the boys (and one girl...sister of a player and daughter of an assistant coach) enjoying their pizza in what little shade there was to be had.

Then they went back on the field to receive their trophies.

I am so very grateful for the three gentlemen in the back. Those guys understand what Little League is all about. The boys are there to learn and to have fun, first and foremost. Winning is secondary and they never, ever make the boys feel as if they've failed. I don't know if you've ever had a child in Little League, but if you have I know that you can understand why these guys are special. Many times adults ruin the entire experience for the little guys.

After the baseball party, Brie took the kids for the rest of the day while Phil and I returned home to get ready for my high school reunion. Thanks to consolidation, my high school no longer exists. My class (DuPont High School Class of '84! GO PANTHERS!) has had a couple of reunions, but no one planned anything for our 25th. That was last year. Since the Alumni Association has an All-Class Reunion every year, I attempted to get in touch with as many former classmates as possible to let them know about it and convince them to attend. Then I became involved with the Alumni Association and now I'll be doing the same thing every year. I'm sorry to say that most of our class either already had plans this weekend or they just weren't interested in attending, but the five of us (yes, only five :( ) who did show up sure had fun!

That's me on the left. Please don't laugh at my baggy pants. I've lost some weight and it seems that most of my pants and skirts are just too big on me now.

Next to me is my old buddy, Scott. His friendship is absolutely priceless and I'm not sure he'll ever really know how much he means to me. He is a special guy. Our moms were friends before we were ever born, so I've known him my entire life. He's a gem.

The pretty lady in the black top and white capris is Melissa and the lovely lady to the right is Kellee. I didn't meet either of them until high school and we really hadn't been in touch until I discovered Facebook. (I love Facebook.) It ended up that Kellee had traveled further than anyone else to get there (and there were hundreds in attendance) so she won a gorgeous DuPont High School throw, like this one:
Except that it didn't say 'Class of 80' on it. Class of 80 sold them as a fundraiser and offered two styles, one with and one without. Worth a trip from L.A., huh? :)

Now, I didn't forget the guy between Melissa and Kellee. His name is Steve. I've known Steve since 7th grade but had lost touch until we hooked up through Facebook. Have I told you how much I love Facebook?
Well Steve is a pretty special guy, too. Steve's job is in mine rescue. A couple of months ago when our state suffered through the worst mining disaster in recent history (which I wrote about here), Steve and his men are the ones who dealt with the aftermath. He has one of the most difficult jobs I can imagine. He and his crew selflessly risked their own lives in an attempt to save others. And when it was discovered that there were no survivors, they risked their lives once again in order to give the families of those fallen miners the peace and closure of being able to bury their loved ones.

It takes a special person to be able to do what Steve does.

Now, the rest of the weekend.

Sunday found us traveling north to the Hubster's old stompin' grounds. Tucker had asked if we could decorate Ginny's grave and we decided to go to a family cemetery to place flowers on the Hubster's grandparents' graves as well. (I left my camera at home that day, but someday when we're back up there I'll be sure to take it and share some shots of the old family cemetery.) Afterward we had dinner at the inlaws' and then headed home so Hubster could settle in for the evening and watch the NASCAR race.

Yesterday, our BONUS day for the weekend, we set up tables outside and had family and friends over for a cookout. Food, friends, croquet and a little bit of baseball...doesn't get much better. :)

I hope that all of you had a great long weekend, too. Think I'll go do a little blog hopping to see what you've been up to! :)