Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Picture This

I sit on the swing, taking in my little corner of the world. The sky is bright blue with feathery wisps of cotton white clouds. The air is clear and there is a cool breeze taming the heat of the June sunshine. Birdsong fills the air and butterflies are flitting about my hanging baskets of petunias.

Though they're all so very different in color, shape and size, my daylillies, clematis, straw flowers, marigolds and snapdragons all reach toward the same bright sun, drinking it in and filling my garden with their beautiful blooms.

One lone cow stands in the field by my house, grazing quietly while her friends moo softly in the pasture over the hill. She looks at me from time to time as if to ask "Are you enjoying this beautiful, peaceful day, too?"

Bob seems unable to decide which is best: the shade of the porch or the warmth of the sun on the concrete walk. So she moves periodically according to her current mood, turning and stretching herself until she is comfortable enough to once again relax.

Towels hang on the lines, blowing in the gentle breeze and filling the air with their spring-fresh scent. I am mesmerized by their movement on this lazy afternoon and my eyelids grow a bit heavy. Still, I hesitate to fall asleep and miss even one moment of this perfect afternoon.

And I think of this evening, when I have my shower and then wrap myself in the soft folds of one of those very towels, close my eyes and breathe in the scent of this perfect day.

Sweet dreams tonight, I am sure.