Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring Cleaning, Spare Rooms and Selish Motives

Is it 'spring cleaning' if you're doing major housework while it's still the dead of winter but you're anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring?

I say yes, it is. So I have been spring cleaning.

There has been no school at all this week because of near constant snowfall and heavy accumulations. The roads have been terrible and evidently the state's snow budget has been blown apart at the seams. We haven't had a winter like this since I was a kid.

It sure makes for great cleaning time! I've spent the last couple of days working on the upstairs. Going slow and steady because I don't want to make myself sick of it right off the bat and I SO want to get some of these long-dreaded tasks accomplished.

I have a spare bedroom upstairs. I've never had a spare room before now and I'm anxious to put it to good use. You see, when my oldest son moved out we just added another baby. So while all of the kids shifted bedrooms, the small 'spare' room was instantly converted to a nursery for our new addition. Then Brie moved out, bedrooms were reconfigured once again, and that smallest of rooms sat vacant for a very short time...awaiting my decision as to what should be done with it.

I finally decided that even though the room was rather small, it should become a playroom. A room that would benefit the entire family. I wouldn't be selfish. After all, I really didn't need a room all to myself for crafting and sewing and writing and private time....really I didn't.

And so the transformation began. All of our board games and jigsaw puzzles were relocated to this room and we were about to move in the PS2 and a TV.

Then we found out we were having a grandchild.

So out came the crib and the chest of drawers and the room was once again a nursery, for those days when I'd be babysitting or they'd be visiting. After all, the little guy needed a place to lay his tiny head.

Unfortunately, Hayden had other ideas. He absolutely would NOT sleep in that crib. Ever. So basically the 'nursery' was a storage area for the baby furniture and a few of his belongings.

So here we go again.

The crib is down and going back into storage. My craft supplies and sewing machine are getting the dust blown off them. But I'm not being selfish about it. Even though I don't think the PS2 will be making an entrance, the board games and jigsaw puzzles have found a very accessible home in the newly organized closet.

Maybe I'll even post pics when it's all done. But for now...

BACK TO WORK ON MY....*ahem*...OUR SPACE!!! ;)


  1. Bill is not allowed to read this nonsense about OUR space as he might think it is a good idea. My current knitting project is in the family room, the book I am reading is in the living room. We do share the computer room now but my chair takes up more room than his. It is mine, Mine, MINE and he can't have it! LOL!

    I plan to shock him while he is gone next week and clean up my sewing/craft room. Again. I never mean for it to get disorganized, but it happens whenever I am rushed and start just sticking things away for a minute. Too bad it takes so many minutes to make it all right again.

  2. Oh a spare room, how nice! I'm still a long way off from that :-) I'm sure you're going to love it.

  3. Spring cleanng! Oh Kelli, what a great thought. We had SNOW this year. It litterally covered everything. That is unheard of in Texas and we enjoyed it very much. But... I'm ready for Spring. This has been the coldest, wetest Winter we've had in many, many years, so bring on the Spring weather!


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