Thursday, July 29, 2010

Take Me Out... the ballgame!

We left Tuesday morning for Cleveland to watch a match-up between


Tucker and I dressed accordingly.
Perri doesn't get as 'into it' as we do,
plus she was mortified at the thought of us all being dressed alike.
(The stuff of a 12 year old's nightmares, ya know.)
So she wore her Little League jersey.

We got there in time to watch batting practice

and the pitchers loosening up.

Got to see Joba and Girardi sharing a quiet moment before the game began.

We weren't allowed into the area where our seats were located until 6:00 p.m.

And THAT'S when the good stuff started. :)

Here are Nick Swisher and Derek Jeter chatting while walking across the field.

And sharing a laugh before they had to get down to business.

If you know me at all, you know that these pics THRILL ME to NO END!!! :) I've been a Jeter fan since he broke into the majors and Swish is a local boy who played high school ball just 30 minutes or so from here. When he joined the Yankees, he brought an energy and a new level of cool to the Yankees dugout at a time when they needed a boost in spirit. This boy has FUN earning his paycheck!

And this is Damaso Marte. Not a fave of mine but I thought the pic turned out pretty good. ;)

Tuesday was Alex Rodriguez's birthday. And he just happened to be going for the 600th homerun of his career. So every time he was at bat, the cameras were going wild! Including mine.

Lucky for me he didn't get it because I never did get a decent pic of him. ;)