Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gettin' 'er Done!

My days have been pretty busy since the kids' Thanksgiving break.  
First with planning and preparing Thanksgiving dinner, 
plus the kids being out of school.
Thanksgiving came and went,
as did their break from school,
and now I'm settling into Christmas mode!
This is my view as I write to you this morning:
This is my family room tree, complete with 1600 lights
and dozens of memories in the form of ornaments.

Today's plans (along with finishing up the laundry, cooking dinner
and cleaning the hardwood)
include putting up the parlor tree
and also decking out the rest of the house with the 
odds and ends of Christmas decor I've accumulated
over the years.

I still have to hang the stockings!  : )

I'm attempting something a little different with my outside decorating
this year and if I'm successful, I'll be posting pics later this week.
Cross your fingers for me!  ; )

I'm also trying to organize my reading list
and baking plans for the month of December.
If you recall, the kids and I read a Christmas story
With the exception of a particular story or two,
Perri has pretty much outgrown this tradition
(and this makes me very sad)
so I intend to take full advantage of the fact that
Tucker still enjoys it with me.
I'm going to attempt to type up a complete list of 
the books and stories we enjoy the most
so I can share them with you.
If you have a favorite, tell me about it!
I love adding to my list and try to find something new
to read each year.  Many nights we read two or three
shorter stories or poems.

I consider the entire time between Thanksgiving and Christmas
to be the very best part of the whole year!
I hope all of you are enjoying it as much as I am!  : )