Thursday, May 13, 2010

Come Visit My Garden

We've had so much rain these last few days that my garden is really beginning to spring to life! We should be able to enjoy some sunshine over the weekend and that will really kick it into high gear. Thought I'd share a few pics .

Those two windows are in my garage and that walk runs to my front door.

This is Gary. Gary Gargoyle. Ain't he purty? ; ) He's one of my faves. He sits on the end of the front porch, guarding the flowerbed in front of the garage.

This little girl loves peeking over the fence at my daylily. Like me, she can't wait until this one blooms! It sports a beautiful deep red and yellow flower.
He's ready to throw...
And he's ready to catch it!
Love these guys. : )

A little clump of my Snow-On-The-Mountain. It is the old fashioned kind that grows to about 3' tall and is just beautiful late in the summer.

This is one of my hanging baskets that I have on each side of the front steps. Pink Supertunias dominate, but there is also a purple spike flower growing up in the center, as well as the white trailing flowers beneath. I thought these baskets were beautiful!

And this is how they look on the front of the house.
Please ignore the empty chair by the front door. Soon it will have either a dishpan of flowers growing on it or possibly an old wooden soda bottle crate. I've used both in the past and just haven't decided which I prefer.
I have identified this plant in the past but for the life of me I can't remember what it is. Later on it will be positively POLLUTED with the tiniest of yellow blooms! It is a prolific grower, spreading like crazy and doesn't get any taller than what you see here. It 'mounds' and looks almost like a cushion of flowers when it is blooming. I do remember that the variety is 'Goldilocks', but I can't remember the plant name.

This is my Jackmanii. We visit the Ohio Amish Country quite often, where these are found at almost every home. They are by far my favorite variety of clematis. We just bought the new trellis for it, the largest we could find locally, and it STILL isn't large enough. I think we're going to have to improvise. : )

This is the one lone bloom on my clematis at the moment. Won't be long until it is a riot of purple petals.

Oh how I love this basket! It was one of my faves at the greenhouses last weekend. It needs lots of sun, so it doesn't live on the porch. It prefers the direct sunshine of the front garden.

Some of my irises. See that one lone salmon-colored iris in the front left of that clump? She'll be moved later. That wasn't intended to happen, but it does keep it interesting. ; )
We have pulled up this lamb's ear three times. The third time was not a charm, so we decided to leave it alone this year. It just keeps getting larger and larger! The Hubster isn't crazy about it and I think he would have been happy for it to disappear altogether!
My tipsy pots. : )
They are probably my favorite flower display ever. I absolutely adore these things and I get so many compliments on them! When I had my yard sale a couple of weeks ago I could have sold them no less than a dozen times!
The violas in them handle a little frost pretty well, but the vine I typically put in the pitcher on top does not. We had heavy frost just the other morning so I haven't planted the vine yet, but there will eventually be a vine trailing down out of the pitcher on top.

And a not-so-close-up shot of the front bed.

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