Monday, May 24, 2010

Do you hear that?

It's the Fat Lady singing.

Because it's over...

Last night my favorite television program was brought to a close.

Now I'm feeling kind of LOST myself.

What will I do without my weekly Sawyer fix?

He was the bad boy your momma warned you about.
But my oh my.

And no more Jack?

He was the Prince Charming you always hoped to find. AND he was a doctor!

Then there was Sayid, the bad boy with a good heart.

And Hurley.

Hurley and I could have been buddies. A big ol' teddy bear of a guy with an even bigger heart.

And now they're all gone.

I've spent six years of my life with these people.
Six years hoping they'd survive the polar bears and the Smoke Monster.
Six years wondering if Kate would end up with Sawyer or with Jack.
(And totally understanding why she was torn between the two.)
Six years of never being able to get enough of the fantastical storylines and the
amazing characters who captured my heart.

The one bright spot?

They will live forever on DVD!

So if the Hubster asks you what he should get me for my birthday/Christmas/Labor Day/the Fourth of July.....

Well, you know, you could drop a hint.
Or two.

I'm just sayin'.