Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Hero at 8

Sometimes you hear a story that makes chills travel up and down your spine. The tale of Nathan Kuhns, an eight year old from Pennsylvania, will do just that.

Nathan and his family were on vacation in Myrtle Beach. While Dad was enjoying a little extra sleep, Mom took Nathan, his six year old brother and four year old sister out of the hotel room for a while. When the six year old began to throw a tantrum, four year old Josie ran ahead to see if the ice cream truck was nearby. Mom told Nathan to run after her and when he turned the corner, he saw a man attempting to pull Josie into his car. Nathan sprang into action, grabbing Josie with one hand while fighting tooth and nail to against the stranger as he continued to try to get her into his vehicle. Nathan kicked, screamed, and more importantly he scratched the man, getting some of his skin and blood under his fingernails.

"It's called DNA", he said. "I saw it on NCIS."

Mom said that as she rounded the corner, a dark car sped past her and she saw Nathan hugging Josie on the ground, refusing to let her go. Police were contacted and nail clippings were taken, so the authorities now have the DNA of the would-be kidnapper.

Nathan is one heroic little boy. And there are only two things I can say for Josie:

1. She should be very glad her brother likes her!


2. She should also be glad he watches too much television! ; )