Thursday, May 20, 2010

One thing leads to another...

So far this morning I've done this:

And as soon as the fog lifts I need to do this:

I've also done this:

And now I need to do this:

I've done this ( X three!):

Because, you know, when one bathroom is sparkling you simply MUST make the others sparkle as well.

Right now I'm afraid to do anything else.

I shudder to think that I may be unable to break this vicious cycle. I could quite possibly end up cleaning/scrubbing/polishing until I drop!

Perish the thought!

I simply can't be stuck here cleaning all day.

What I really want to do is this:

Well, not in a dress.

And not with a push mower.

I much prefer my Johnny Baby.

Yes, some good quality time with Johnny would do my heart good today, especially after being rained in for so many days in a row.

But alas, my yard is entirely too wet.

Oh well.

Guess I'll just finish what I've started and then maybe I'll bake a cake.

Or perhaps a pan of brownies.

You're welcome to come join me for some!
And then you may: