Saturday, May 8, 2010

He Said/She Said...with plenty of giggles!


A preface to this post:

You all know I love a good novel. Whether it's a love story, a mystery or a slice-of-life, I like to experience different places, situations and lifestyles. I love an author who can make me laugh and cry, think and (especially) feel. I've loved to read ever since the age of 4, when I first learned how, and novels have always been my friends.

One day, after years of being a fiction-only reader, I discovered a new love. I picked up a copy of Sports Illustrated and, as I typically do with all magazines, I looked at the last page first. (Have you ever noticed how there is usually something really cool on the last page of most magazines? Seems like a good place to start.) There I found Rick Reilly's column, Life of Reilly. I loved it! It was the first time that I had read nonfiction and was completely entertained! This guy had me laughing. He had me thinking. He had me hook, line and sinker. I was putty in his hands. And I subscribed to SI just to read that back page.

And that was the beginning of my love affair with essays.

Yes, essays. Not your English 101 assignment-style essays, but really good, sharp writing that draws in the reader and entertains, informs and endears.

I say all of this because I know that many of my friends overlook this kind of writing. They don't give it a chance. They've never ventured from the novel and short story formats with which they became acquainted early in their reading careers.

So give it a shot. Live on the edge. Essays can be fun! They have much in common with the blogs you read and write each day.

*getting off my soapbox now* ;)

I Love You - Now Hush
Cool title for a book, and this is a pretty cool book.

The authors, Melinda Rainey Thompson and Morgan Murphy, are quite a pair and really cut to the chase when it comes to enlightening the opposite sex. These two pull no punches and their styles are similar enough to make this collection of sharply written essays a smooth and entertaining read.

Everyone knows that men and women are wired differently. We practically never share a point of view and seldom ever see eye to eye. But everyone also knows that opposites attract.

I'm sure you know that your husband is not the only guy who refuses to read instructions or ask for directions. I know you're aware that most husbands and wives look at their finances from very different perspectives. Plus there are about forty-eleven other glaring disparities to differentiate between the sexes. What's worse is that you typically come to these realizations at less-than-opportune moments. Like when you're counting on him to put together that new computer center only to realize six hours later (when he is finally done!) that the drawer is crooked and the keyboard shelf is permanently stuck in one position not only because he has this:

leftover, but he never took the instructions out of the box!

Well, you know what? Ignoring those instructions makes perfect sense to him. And you know what else? This collection of essays (written with a lovely southern twang...I LOVE a southern twang!) is your chance to learn WHY!

Yes, REALLY! Reading Mr. Murphy's viewpoint enlightened me on how differently men and women view Valentine's Day and romantic gestures. This may be responsible for singlehandedly saving my marriage. My only regret is the visual of Jack Black in a thong that is forever ingrained in my mind. I won't'll just have to read it for yourself.

And shudder.


I think I even threw-up in my mouth just a little.

Still, this book can absolutely save you the headache of numerous futile attempts at deciphering your man's thought process. Seriously. If life made sense, it would be housed in the reference section of your local bookstore. But don't waste time looking there. Just ask the disinterested college student working the register if he can help you locate a copy.

And remember that even if you have no desire to further your understanding of your husband's aversion to asking for directions or his need to polish the car until it blinds passersby, this book is still a must. There is not one of us who can't benefit from a good, hearty laugh from time to time and these essays deliver.

So now, because this book made me giggle and giggling is good for the soul, I'm going to give you a chance to win a copy of I Love You - Now Hush so that YOU can giggle and maybe pay it forward. That would be a cool thing, wouldn't it?


The usual blah-blah-blah....leave a comment, post about this giveaway on your blog along with a link to this post, become a follower (or tell me that you already are). THAT'S how you enter. I'll pick a winner on Friday!


*I was given the opportunity to review this book by the publisher, John F. Blair , but I am not receiving any financial reimbursement. I received only ONE copy of I Love You - Now Hush which I am now passing along to one of YOU! : ) The opinions expressed in this review are strictly honest and were based solely on my impression of the book.