Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I just can't BEAR it!

This is my favorite nightgown. Ever.

It's only about 20 years old. Give or take. I get really attached to some things, ya see. Comfy sleepwear happens to be one of those things.

It's getting a little rough around the edges.

So I decided to do what the Hubster has...*ahem*...suggested on more than one occasion.

Yes, I trashed it.

And it made me feel like this:

My Pooh Bear gown, forever banished to the depths of some disgusting landfill, never to be worn again. (And it was 100% cotton, folks....obviously it was breaking down already, so I doubt the earth will suffer any long-term effects.)

What's really bad is that a couple of years ago some dear friends of mine decided to shower me with nightgowns because even then, oh Pooh Bear was in pretty bad shape. We were joking around about what we wear to bed and I confessed that Pooh Bear was my gown of choice. Well broken-in, soft, comfy...all the things a good nightgown should be. But beginning to seriously deteriorate.

I was desperate enough to limit wearing it to only a couple of nights a month, in hopes of prolonging it's life.


So as a joke, I received in the mail several of their old castoffs. The gowns they had held onto but no longer wore. (What is it with women and nightgowns? Why do we become so attached?)

And then I also received one super soft, very comfy, perfectly sweet little number from my friend, Knitty. It filled in quite nicely between Pooh Bear wearings. It looked like this. (Sorry, you'll have to click on the link if you want to see it. It won't let me copy the pic to post here.)

Well, it looked mostly like that. Except it hit just above the knee. And it was a pale mint green. Neither of which seem to be currently available. So you know what that means. This one needs to hang in there for at least another 18 years or so.

Hope its as tough as my old friend Pooh.