Friday, April 1, 2011

Favorite Things

I am joining Rachel for Friday Favorite Things.
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friday favorite things | finding joy

~The sound of a bat striking a ball! Yes, baseball/softball season is underway! April has begun and after several days of dreary grayness, I'm actually seeing a little peek of sunshine! I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come and I will ignore the fact that I'm seeing the occasional snowflake fluttering about. I'm really tired of Old Man Winter and ready to send him on his way.
After all, having bleacher butt is bad enough.
WET AND FROZEN bleacher butt is just a bit much.

~ My new washer and dryer. I am loving them so much! Laundry is no longer a chore. What used to take 1/2 the day now takes a couple of hours. This makes me very happy! And I do believe I've come up with a great idea to add a little down-home comfort to that room via decor. I'm about to start working on that and if it goes as planned, I'll post some new pics next week.

~I do not like pictures of myself. Period. But if I had to choose a favorite it would be this one. It has been my Facebook profile pic for a few weeks now and I've left it there because it reminds me that I need to laugh more often. It was taken the day of Brie's 'Sprinkle' and I was really enjoying myself. : )

~The sound of my little guy giggling. And I haven't heard that nearly enough lately. :( He is such a happy child most of the time and I really take notice when he's not his usual, cheerful self. I think spring allergies are taking their toll and he's not feeling the best in the world. That and the daily disappointments he has been dealt in recent just adds up, ya know?

~Hearing "I wuv you, poopy!" Yes, I said poopy. That sweet, feisty grandson of mine. One day he was being his usual, rotten self when they were leaving here to go home and every single time I would tell him "I love you, Hayden!" he would look at me and say "No!" and then giggle like crazy! After several attempts to get him to tell me he loved me, I gave up and said "Well, I love you, you little poopy!" And of course he decided that would be the best way to express his love for me from now on! LOL!!!

~My beautiful picture quilt. I'm sure I've blogged about it before, but this is Brie's first ever completed quilt and she made it for me for Mother's Day three years ago. It was from all four of my terrific kids and they put great thought into choosing the pictures that were included. I will always treasure this quilt. : )

~The fact that I talk to each of my kids every single day. How many moms with grown kids can actually say that, I wonder? Drew and Brie call me daily, and I see Brie most every day as well. She lives close and that makes it nice. : ) Drew lives further away but makes a point to stay in touch. Must have done something right, ya think? : )

~The Peppi from Tudor's.(A biscuit piled high with pepperoni slices and melted cheese. OH. MY.)
And I'm happy to report that I was able to control the temptation this morning when I ended up having to drive Perri to school. I somehow managed to drive right past the drive-thru, in spite of the tremendous gravitational pull in that direction! ; ) However, the fact that I'm still thinking about it says a LOT, too!

~The support I'm finding in the form of friendship. : ) Our family is facing some issues lately that could make a mom and dad feel pretty much like it's us against the world. But I'm happy to say that my mommy friends have been very supportive and understanding, willing to let me talk and get things off my chest, and I'm finding that there are plenty of moms out there who share my feelings on many issues facing our kids today. This gives me...

~HOPE. Who isn't thankful when faced with hope? : ) I am learning that while you can't change the way some people behave, it is awesome to find hope in the fact that there are plenty of other parents out there who are also trying their hardest to do what's best for their kids and your kids, too. : )

~A chance to spread a little bit of happy. : ) I'm going to put forth a concerted effort today make another person's day a little brighter.

How about you? What is topping your list of faves on this glorious day?